Top of the World Lounge at Bay Lake Tower to Officially Reopen

And just like that, one of the most coveted lounges at all of Disney World will reopen—with a new theme!

What is Top of the World Lounge? Top of the World Lounge is a lounge with food and drinks perched on the 16th floor of Bay Lake Tower at Disney’s Contemporary Resort. As mentioned in my Resort Series review, Bay Lake Tower—which is my favorite Disney resort—is a Disney Vacation Club resort. It is the closest resort to the Magic Kingdom, and if you time it right, you can enjoy an unbeatable view of the fireworks show from the lounge.

View of the Magic Kingdom fireworks from the walkway between Disney’s Contemporary Resort and Bay Lake Tower.

Like many restaurants, Top of the World Lounge closed during the early days of the pandemic. Today, Disney officially announced that it will finally be reopening on July 11, 2022!

What’s New at Top of the World Lounge? It seems that villains infected the lounge during its extended closure, resulting in a new theme—and a new name: Top of the World Lounge – A Villains Lair.

According to the backstory to the update, “Whether pursuing puppies or stealing souls, messing with a mermaid or belittling a beast, evil-doing is exhausting. And since a dishonest day’s work is frowned upon by mainstream masses, the deliciously devious decompress away from judging eyes––hiding deep underground… or on top of the world.”

It seems that the villains found their way to an empty lounge and had their way with it, leaving behind “Curious couture from their wicked wardrobes. Artwork befitting their ghastly galleries. And rebellious recipes for their cunning concoctions.”

In an apt description of the new theme, Disney said “like the best Disney stories, it’s a place of magic…with a touch of tragic.”

This. Is. Exciting! Bay Lake Tower is known for its minimal theme, which is pleasing to some (like me), but seen as boring for others. This new theme is sure to inject the resort with a dash of darkness. The new theme also sounds like the perfect place to celebrate Halloween, likely resulting in more demand during October.

And speaking of demand, because it is a DVC resort, you have to be both a a DVC member and be staying at A Disney owned and operated Walt Disney World resort (whether booked with DVC points or with cash) to enter. Apparently Cast Members will check for a DVC member’s MagicBand, digital DVC membership card, and ID to confirm eligibility. Entry is on a first-come, first-serve basis, so arrive early if you’re planning to watch the fireworks. Lastly, note that guests with DVC members who are eligible to enter can also enter the lounge, so if you’re not a DVC member there is some hope of getting in!

What are your thoughts on the villain-themed update and reopening of the lounge? Are you a DVC member? Sound off below!

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