Fun Facts About Disney’s Oscar Nominations

Disney is no stranger to the Academy Awards, but it managed to hit a few "firsts" with this year's batch of nominees. With the Oscars airing tomorrow, I thought I would discuss a few fun facts about Disney’s noms for the 94th Academy Awards. Best Original Song (Encanto). “Dos Oruguitas”—the song Disney submitted for consideration … Continue reading Fun Facts About Disney’s Oscar Nominations

Turning Red (Film Review)

Photo: pixarturningred (Instagram). Disney and Pixar's newest film, released on Disney+ on March 11, 2022, tells the story of a boisterous middle-schooler named Mei who happens to be undergoing many changes—some more fantastical than others. Like Mei, the film is bright, colorful, and outrageous, providing a fresh, memorable addition to Pixar's library. My Thoughts. Set … Continue reading Turning Red (Film Review)