A First-Timer’s Guide to Riding Tron at Disney World

A blue entrance sign spelling Tron

Tron Lightcycle/Run officially opened to the public on March 4. Like marquee attractions introduced in recent years, Tron Lightcycle/Run will not have a standby line, meaning you cannot walk up and wait in line to ride—even though you purchased a theme park ticket (and made a park pass reservation). Instead, guests will need to join a virtual queue or purchase an Individual Lightning Lane option to enter the Grid, at least for the time being. Here is a first-timer’s guide to riding Tron at Disney World.

(If you want to learn more about my ride experience before diving into my first-timer’s guide to riding Tron at Disney World, check out my review of Tron: Lightcycle Run.)

Virtual Queue. In case you aren’t aware, the virtual queue is essentially a free option to join a boarding group using the My Disney Experience app. If you snag a boarding group you are assigned a time slot for you to enter and ride the attraction.

There are two main options to join the virtual queue, at either 7:00AM or 1:00PM. The front page of the My Disney Experience app is pretty intuitive these days and should detect your park day and prompt you to sign up the morning of your visit. If not, you can navigate to the Disney Genie section of the app and use the search function to search for Tron: Lightcycle/Run.

  • 7:00 AM. Guests need to have a park ticket and park pass reservation for the Magic Kingdom for the 7:00AM timeslot, but do not need to be located inside the park at that time. Check your internet connection just before 7:00AM, navigate to the My Disney Experience app, and try to sign-up for the virtual queue. Be prepared: the virtual queue options will likely sell out fast for a while.
  • 1:00PM. Guests must be located inside the Magic Kingdom to join the virtual queue for this time slot.
  • 6:00PM. Starting April 5, an additional opportunity to join the virtual queue will start at 6:00PM for guests staying at Deluxe Resorts, only on nights where there are Extended Evening hours. While you do not need to be in the park to attempt to join this virtual queue, you need to have entered Magic Kingdom on that day, and/or, if Magic Kingdom was not your first park that day, you will need to have a park hopper addition to your ticket.

The Individual Lightning Lane option costs additional money per ride, on top of your already-purchased ticket. The Individual Lighting Lane is reserved for few, usually new attractions across the four Walt Disney World theme parks. An Individual Lightning Lane purchase is separate from a Genie+ purchase, which also costs additional money, but allows you to access the Lightning Lane for a different group of rides. For now, just know that Tron Lightcycle/Run can be accessed via the Individual Lightning Lane.

At 7:00AM, guests staying at a Walt Disney World resort can use the My Disney Experience app to purchase an Individual Lightning Lane; all other guests can do so at park opening. Note that prices per day can fluctuate, so expect higher prices during busier seasons (and increasingly higher prices writ large). Depending on the day, the time slot available may not be your first choice, so be flexible with your plans.

Who said a Disney trip isn’t relaxing? With an alarm clock, a strong internet connection–and an insane amount of luck–you too can enter the Grid and ride Tron Lightcycle/Rule.

Are you looking forward to riding Tron Lightcycle/Run? How long do you think it will be limited to the virtual queue and the Individual Lightning Lane? Do you think Seven Dwarfs Mine Train will finally be moved to the Genie+ batch? Let me know!

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