Baby Care Centers at Walt Disney World

Are you a Disney adult with kids? Then you should know about the Baby Centers located at the Walt Disney World parks.

Each park has a Baby Center where parents can go let their children relax, unwind, feed, or have a diaper changed. They’re also very air-conditioned, which is a welcome reprieve after walking around the Florida heat with strollers, diaper bags, and more.

The Baby Care enter at the Magic Kingdom is probably the most important to know because that park so popular. And if you haven’t been in a while you’ll notice it was recently renovated! The Baby Care Center is now themed to Alice in Wonderland—which plays on a tv located in a den area. This center features a kitchen, microwave oven, sink, and bottle warmers.

📍The Baby Care Center located off Main Street, U.S.A. by the The Crystal Palace.

Sound off in the comments if you would like to know more about the Baby Care Centers located at the other Walt Disney World theme parks. 👇🏼

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