Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Hollywood May Require Reservations

Next month, Universal Studios Hollywood is getting a major addition in the form of Super Nintendo World, which will be located in the lower lot where the Phantom of the Opera soundstage once stood. This is the first version of this land to arrive stateside—the original opened last year at Universal Studios Japan, and the third will be part of Epic Universe, the new Universal theme park under construction in Orlando—and it is sure to boost attendance.

But with that could come a compromise that Walt Disney World has forced on its visitors since 2020: reservations to access the park. According to Deadline, “Universal has announced that ‘Reservations may be required to enter Super Nintendo World. Capacity is limited and based on space availability throughout the day.’” So, it doesn’t appear that reservations are required to enter the theme park, but they may be required to enter the new Nintendo-themed land should it reach capacity.

Based on the videos from influencers with alarmingly early access, the land does seem to be on the smaller size, and a little contained (as opposed to say, Toy Story Land at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, which, though small, is a walkway between two park sections). Any crowds, long lines for the singular Mario Kart attraction, or reservation passes have unsurprisingly not been revealed in the glossy reels and TikToks from said influencers, so we will have to wait until opening day for a real-time glimpse into the new land’s capacity.

Will the land be a success? That’s guaranteed. Will it be accessible for the average visitor? That’s to be seen. Demand will be high based on pure nostalgia alone, and also for the interactive games (which can be enhanced by, but do not require $40 Power-Up Bands), the character meets, and the sheer instagram-worthiness of the land. And let’s not forget that the Super Mario Bros. Movie arrives April 23, 2023.

Super Nintendo World opens February 17, 2023.

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