A Sneak Peek into the Magical World of Frozen Lands at the Disney Parks

Updated in August 2023 with new information about Frozen Kingdom at Tokyo Disney Sea.

Disney recently provided an update about the progress on the World of Frozen, a Frozen-themed land opened at Hong Kong Disneyland in November 2023. That got me thinking: what about the Frozen-inspired lands being built across Disney Parks worldwide? For the first time in forever, let’s talk all about everything you need to know about Frozen lands coming to the Disney Parks around the world.

Hong Kong Disneyland. The World of Frozen at Hong Kong Disneyland is the first Frozen-inspired scheduled to open at any Disney Park worldwide. That is a huge distinction for this park. And speaking of huge, this is the largest expansion yet at Hong Kong Disneyland, and judging by the video released by Imagineers, it looks like all of Arendelle will be represented in the land.

The World of Frozen will be located between Fantasyland and Toy Story Land, and will feature two attractions, a restaurant, sweet shop, and souvenir shop as follows:

  • Frozen Ever After
  • Wandering Oaken’s Sliding Sleighs (a first of its kind Frozen-themed family-friendly coaster)
  • The Golden Crocus Inn, a dining option named after the national symbol of Arendelle
  • Tick Tock Toys and Collectibles, a souvenir shoo operated by a wood carver and his wife
  • Northern Delights, a sweet shop
  • Playhouse in the Woods, an interactive play experience inspired by Anna and Elsa’s childhood playhouse.

In addition to the Arendelle village, Elsa’s Ice Castle will sit perched on the North Mountain, which is sure to serve as a great photo backdrop. Additionally, the Elsa audio-animatronic on Frozen Ever After is said to be on an entirely new technological level, which should prove fun to see.

I am eager to see the scope of this land, and also, Wandering Oaken’s Sliding Sleighs, which looks to be the first Frozen ride that is not a dark boat ride. Based on a video providing by Walt Disney Imagineering, it looks similar to Seven Dwarfs Mine Train at the Magic Kingdom, which has maintained its popularity over the years.

The World of Frozen at Hong Kong Disneyland opens November 2023. If you want all the updated details about the World of Frozen, check out my guide here.

Disneyland Paris. As I previously reported in my article, Disneyland Paris Announces Frozen Land, an entire land dedicated to Frozen called the Kingdom of Arendelle is under construction at Disneyland Paris.

The Kingdom of Arendelle will be located at Walt Disney Studios Studios Park, the second park at Disneyland Paris. The Kingdom of Arendelle will feature a beautiful lake that is surrounded by the village and Arendelle Castle (which is sure to become the land’s icon). The land will also feature Elsa’s Ice Castle, which will tower over the land from a 131-foot snow-capped mountain. The new land will feature Norwegian-inspired architecture, a shop, a restaurant, and most exciting, a new Frozen-inspired attraction. Details on the restaurant, shops, and attraction are scant, so we don’t know whether we will be seeing a copy of Frozen Ever After, or something new like the coaster planned for Hong Kong Disneyland.

Also, a new promenade will connect Walt Disney Studios Park to the Kingdom of Arendelle. The promenade will feature themed gardens and landscapes along a to-be-constructed lake. According to Disney, it is intended to aid guests’ transition into the new, highly-themed lands. Art Nouveau, a new table-service restaurant, will be added as part of the promenade expansion.

Disney has yet to announce an opening date for the Kingdom of Arendelle, so as always, stay tuned.

Tokyo Disneyland. Frozen Kingdom is part of an expansion called Fantasy Springs at Tokyo DisneySEA (the second park at the Tokyo Disneyland Resort). Frozen Kingdom will be an area within Fantasy Springs, which will also include areas dedicated to Tangled and Peter Pan.

Frozen Kingdom will feature cascading waterfalls, Arendelle village, and Elsa’s Ice Palace on the North Mountain. Frozen Kingdom will include:

  • Anna and Elsa’s Frozen Journey (a six and half minute ride)
  • Royal Banquet of Arendelle (a restaurant) 
  • Oaken’s OK Foods (a snack shop).
Photo: Disney Parks Blog.

The Fantasy Springs expansion is notably not an entire land dedicated to Arendelle—but it is exciting in its own right. For more information about the entire land, including the new Tangled and Peter Pan attractions, check out my guide here. Fantasy Springs is expected to open in Spring of 2024

Predictions for Walt Disney World. I have a bold (and perhaps cold) prediction: Disney World will get its own version of a Frozen Land. I know, I know, Frozen Ever After already exists in Norway at EPCOT. But, that’s not enough. That’s merely a quaint alcove in an otherwise quiet park of World Showcase. Frozen deserves more, nay, it demands more. And a sequel is on its way.

At last year’s D23 Expo, Disney announced very, very early concept ideas for an Encanto-inspired land and a Coco-inspired land behind Frontierland at the Magic Kingdom. (For all the Disney parks announced at the event, see Everything Announced about the Disney Parks at D23 EXPO 2022.)

Though a Frozen-inspired land was not part of that conversation, I have a feeling there will be more to come. Now, I’m not sure whether Disney wants a Frozen land to compete with the existing castles and princesses at the Magic Kingdom. Though such theming would mesh with Fantasyland, it’s just hard to imagine Arendelle castle, or Elsa’s Ice Castle, coexisting with Cinderella Castle. Room permitting, Hollywood Studios could benefit from a new themed land to both welcome children and take the heat off Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. I don’t think Frozen would fit at an Animal Kingdom, and EPCOT already has a Frozen ride, so I’m unsure how a dedicated land would mesh with the thesis behind EPCOT.

There is also the option for a “fifth gate”—theme park parlance for an entirely new Disney theme park. That is obviously the most ambitious of guesses, but Disney World seems poised to respond to Epic Universe, the third Universal Studios theme park under construction in Orlando. (Universal is also adding a Dreamworks-themed land to its existing Universal Studios theme park.) An entire Frozen-themed land would be a great anchor for a newly announced theme park, wouldn’t it?

Maybe we will get an update at this year’s Destination D23 fan event? Here’s hoping.

While the ideas about a Frozen-themed land at Walt Disney World remain pure speculation, the other parks discussed above are getting very real lands very soon. For the first time in forever, guests will be able to experience Frozen on a bigger scale. And that is something to be excited about.

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