Disney Announces the Return of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

Meeska, Mouska, Mickey Mouse is returning in a big way. Disney just announced the return of its Playhouse Disney/Disney Junior animated smash hit Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, which will premiere new episodes on Disney Junior and Disney+ in 2025.

Disney recently held its Disney Junior & Friends Play Date event at Disney California Adventure Park, and it was there that it announced its new slate of animated programming for children. For parents, the biggest announcement by far is the return of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, which has been green-lit with the working title Mickey Mouse Clubhouse 2.0. For non-parents, this is different from the still-airing (and sort of zany) Mickey Mouse Funhouse.

The original Mickey Mouse Clubhouse was an Emmy-winning hit series the aired original episodes between 2006 and 2016. Most parents to children born during that era—and the years since—are all too familiar with the show, and the musical and educational adventures Mickey and Friends encounter each episode. (Seriously, after one episode,you will find yourself involuntarily humming along to the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse theme song, and saying Oh Toodles! Or Hot Dog!)

Though we don’t know a ton about the new iteration of the fan-favorite show, we do know some details—and they are exciting. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse 2.0 will, in addition to welcoming back Mickey and Friends, feature a new area of the clubhouse dedicated to Minnie Mouse, and the addition of Duffy the Disney Bear!

That’s right—Duffy the Disney Bear, the phenom favorite at the Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea theme parks—will be making appearances a on American television. And not just any show—the relaunch of the flagship Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. For those of us Disney fans that have been eagerly awaiting Duffy the Disney Bear’s reintroduction to the Disney theme parks—this is a good sign. (For all you need to know about Duffy the Disney Bear and his friends, see Who is Duffy the Disney Bear?)

Before the days where Bluey ruled the earth—seriously, it just logged a second consecutive week of over 1 billion minutes of viewing on Disney+—Mickey Mouse Clubhouse reigned supreme. (It’s view count on YouTube can attest to its enduring popularity.)

As a dad of two toddlers (with another on the way) I am eager to see the new stories and adventures featured in Mickey Mouse Clubhouse 2.0, and am interested in how the show will be received in a post-streaming era environment.

Stay tuned for more Disney programming updates.

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