New Details about Attractions, Dining and Experiences Announced for Zootopia Themed Land at Shanghai Disneyland

Updated October 25, 2023, with official opening date and more details about the land!

As Destination D23 draws near (see my guide to this year’s Destination D23), Disney decided to release exciting new details about the Zootopia-themed land coming to Shanghai Disneyland, which officially opens on December 20, 2023! This is a huge update, considering the last update we got consisted only of photos of construction on the land. Let’s break down the exciting news!

Zootopia: Hot Pursuit. We got a first look at the new attraction, Zootopia: Hot Pursuit. According to Disney, the ride takes place after the events of the Zootopia film, where you will team up with Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde (who is now a cop) to save Gazelle, who has been kidnapped before her concert to celebrate Zootopia Day. In what appears to be an immersive dark ride, guests will travel through several Zootopia boroughs, including Tundra Town, Sahara Square, Mystic Springs Oasis, and Rainforest District.

Character Encounters. In what appears to be a new viewing encounter (described as a “new atmosphere show” you will be able to get a glimpse of many audio-animatronics though building windows, including Fru Fru and her father Mr. Big, Koslov the polar bear, Flash the sloth, Yax the yak, Duke Weaselton the weasel, and even the Hopps family. From the looks of it, Disney has created an immersive experiment intended for guests to feel as if they are strolling down a lively Zootopia street—this is not something Disney has done before, and I am eager to see how it turns out.

Over at the Recruitment Station, guests will be able to meet both Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde.

Food and Shopping. The Zootopia-themed land will offer several dining and shopping options, including—perhaps most exciting—Jumbeaux’s Cafe, where guests will be able to get the famous Zootopia popsicle, Officer Clawhauser’s favorite donut, or a Chocolate Marshmallow.

Fashions by Fru Fru, located by the entrance to “Mane Street”—see what they did there?—will serve as the souvenir shop, including a to-be revealed Zootopia Cute collection. Additionally, two areas will be themed to Yax and Duke Weaselton, though it’s not entirely clear what that means for visitors.

That is a lot of news. I can’t wait to….try everything!

Zootopia opens at Shanghai Disneyland on December 20, 2023. Let me know your thoughts in the comments, and subscribe to my newsletter if you want more articles like this one sent to your email.

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